our story

Hey! So glad you are here! We can't wait to make you some amazing bracelets :)

The Rally Strings story actually starts long before we were born, with our moms: two best friends who love each other like sisters and raised their daughters like cousins.

We are Rachael and Kelly (get it, Rally). We started Rally Strings together after looking for some Spirit Wear to support our favorite teams. We wanted to create something that can be completely customized in any team colors (unlike some other bracelets that only offer a few color options). With over 40 colors options and several bracelet styles, there are so many combinations to create the perfect stack.
Though it started with team spirit, Rally Strings has grown to include awareness bracelets (Heart Strings) as well as several themed bracelets and sets. From Princesses to Wizards, Independence Day to Halloween, there is quite literally a Rally String bracelet for everyone! We are continuing to create new and unique bracelets for any occasion that can be mixed and matched for a different look every day. We can't wait to make something for you!